Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology BV manufactures and commercializes PEM fuel cell stacks. Customers are system integrators of PEM fuel cells for stationary applications. Nedstack and partners also produce large stationary fuel cell systems, and have developed and delivered pre-commercial products for transport applications.

Nedstack was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the PEM fuel cell activities of AkzoNobel. Around 300 man years have been spent and over 1,000 stacks have been sold since then. Nedstack is a member of the New IG Industry Grouping.

Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology has developed PEM Power Plant know how in both the Delfzijl PEM 70 kW pilot power plant and the Solvay 1 MW PEM power plant. In both projects Nedstack was responsible for the overall project management.provides better Levelized Cost of Energy and Internal Rate of Returns as well as more flexibility and safety for the end-user. The Femtogrid solution – suitable for upto 300Wp PV modules – improves the produced kWh per PV installation by means of its unique parallel 400Vdc system approach with a Power Optimizer per module, cables, a simplified DC/AC inverter and monitoring. By addressing – and improving – current system obstacles, performance is improved and the cost and complexities will be reduced. Femtogrid currently has 10 full time employees covering a broad experience in electrical engineering, power electronics, energy conversion, smart grids, connectivity and sustainable energy.

Country: Netherlands

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